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The Southern Swamp Explorer

by Irene Brady

A Nature Travel book, part of the Explorer Library

Spiral Bound $17.00 (list $19.95)

The Southern Swamp Explorer is your ticket into the teeming life of a swamp. Part field guide, part nature journal, the compelling illustrations and true-to-life tales will lead you on a wonder-filled journey.

You can read it in bed, from your hammock, lying in the grass or at your desk - living life right along with the swamp's wild creatures, and not even get a mosquito bite.

OR, you can take this book with you when you go swamping. It will answer your questions and make you want to know more, much more.(And you'll probably find the answers right there in the book.)

The unusual format features an ongoing real-life fictional narrative of the interconnected daily life of more than forty swamp creatures - birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, insects and plants. Facing each story page are illustrated side-bars crammed full of cool info and fun facts.

You'd probably like to see inside the book. Wouldn't you like to know what the alligator on the book cover is doing with those hatchlings?

Here's a peekat two facing pages (it's a PDF file)

  • 128 pages. 8.5" x 11", spiral bound.
  • Chock full of informative and entertaining stories, plus hundreds of "information nuggets".
  • Includes sections on Swamp Safety, Things to Do, and Swamp Highlights, which tells you where to find the best swamp preserves and sanctuaries. Indexed.
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