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A NEW Klamath River Classic

Bigfoot's Kitchen

Flavors of Community

A community cookbook from
the spectacular and rebellious Top of California

You've never seen a community cookbook like this one! Bigfoot's Kitchen is a top-notch quality production, with no resemblance to the cookie cutter fundraising cookbooks you've seen in the past. A whimsically colorful interpretation of Bigfoot on the cover sets the scene for your cooking and eating adventures.

A true community effort, dozens of residents of Happy Camp and other communities along the Klamath River contributed their recipes and artwork. Others helped turn the random piles of paper into a beautiful book conceived, gestated and birthed (printed and bound) right on the Klamath River!

Profits from the sale of Bigfoot's Kitchen will go to help purchase the half-acre Old Town Park currently in private ownership, for the Happy Camp Community Services District and the general public. Already being improved and maintained by volunteers, Old Town Park is a wonderful gathering place for locals and visitors.

  • 216 pages. $20.00
  • Includes a huge variety of recipes contributed by the self-reliant inhabitants of California's spectacular Klamath River mountain region: Appetizers, Breakfasts, Soups, Vegetables and Meatless Dishes, Meat Fish and Seafood, Breads, Sweets, Preserves
  • Line drawings by local artists and school children.
  • 13 pages of "extras", useful cooking tips and articles
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