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Birding Guides and Map

West Coast specialities

Freeway Birding author Harry G. Fuller is an unrelentingly devoted birder, and for over two decades he has shared his passion by leading field trips in California, Oregon and Washington.

In his new book, Harry reaches out to the frustrated freeway-traveling birder with a little time to spare on the way from here to there, from a few extra minutes to a few extra hours. Learn how and where to find the birds within a few miles of the freeway corridor, so that one or more short stints of birding can be easily worked into your otherwise uninspiring interstate travels.

Freeway Birding,
San Francisco to Seattle
Harry G. Fuller

  • Driving directions and 104 maps.
  • Descriptions of facilities and habitats.
  • Lists of species and their seasonality.
  • Includes informative essays.
  • 352 pages. Index. $15.50 (list $21.95)
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Klamath River
Bird Finder
Bob Claypole

If you bird the Klamath Basin or Humboldt coast of northern California, you won't want to miss out on a middle Klamath River expedition, a bird-rich river corridor conveniently located in Siskiyou County, CA on the route between these two frequented birding destinations.

Here there is an overlap of California coastal, Northwest and Great Basin species and a chance to see many Neotropicals. Author Bob has been observing the local birds for 30+ years. You will find everything needed to plan your trip!

  • Overview of the River environment.
  • 18 birding tours by road including detailed maps. Sample Map
  • A month-by-month bar graph form showing occurance of each species. Chart Sample
  • Original line drawings by local artist Joey Russell.
  • Descriptive summaries of habits and habitats of the over 200 locally occuring species.
    Sample Summary
  • 304 pages. $16.00 (list $19.95).
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Northwestern California Birds
Stan Harris

The definitive birding guide to northwestern California returns in an updated third edition. Author Stanley W. Harris is Professor Emeritus at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. He spent 33 years teaching ornithology, seabird ecology, waterfowl biology and management, wetland ecology and management and museum techniques. Stan is the author of more than 75 publications on ornithological subjects and has spent thousands of hours updating the newest edition of Northwestern California Birds.

A Birder's Guide to Driving Routes in Siskiyou County

Local experts put together this full-color two-sided map with thirteen super birding tours throughout the whole county. Decorated with photos and drawings. An excellent companion to Klamath River Bird Finder (see above).Check out the Mt. Shasta Area Audubon.

Birds of the Klamath River Checklist

Compiled in 2008 by Klamath River Bird Finder author Bob Claypole. Two sided, folds out to 8.5" x 14".

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  • $1 each plus long SASE to:
  • Living Gold Press
    PO Box 2
    Klamath River, CA 96050